What’s to blog about?

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So far, between feeding the birds early in the morning, going to work and going to school, I feel that there’s nothing exciting to blog about anymore. I have not accomplished anything except for the things that I normally do day in and day out. I didn’t see any birds around, since I haven’t been feeding them since Friday. I guess they migrated somewhere else. I couldn’t feed them yesterday because my brother was home during the morning. He couldn’t catch the bus, so he was stuck with me for a while. I left early to go for a bike ride. I fed some of the birds in a trashy, ghetto neighborhood in Burlington. Gosh, there were hundreds of birds there, just foraging on the ground. I tossed a piece of bread on the ground and one of those birds came up to the side of the road where I threw it on right away and flew away to the grass where it consumed it. I then threw a piece of chicken on the ground, but no birds went for it. Oh well! They aren’t House Sparrows and only that kind of bird eats everything. They are blackish birds, but are smaller than crows. I don’t know what they are, but they are there, and for some reason, they weren’t there during the summer time, which is one indication that they are migratory birds. I heard House Sparrow chirps, but there weren’t any around.

Today, things were very quiet in the forest. No birds ever ate the icing while I was coming back and forth in the forest, but I’m sure the warblers will come eventually. They just haven’t found it yet. It’s lightly snowing out right now, so I’m sure they are roosting in their nest. I heard a Blue-Jay in the distance but it never came.

If you got anything to say about your typical, normal life, now would be the appropriate time. Do you do anything that you feel like you have to do every single day? What is it? I’d like to know.

Bike riding all the way to Hammonton

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I probably went on the farthest bike ride ever today. I bike rode from my location ofBurlington, NJ all the way to Hammonton, which is a solid 35 miles. I first stopped atRadio Shack to return my mini-A to USB line for my cell phone because I already bought a converter for it. I bought both just in case the converter didn’t fit. I saved about $30 because I had a mini-USB line already, but it was a mini-B so I needed a converter. Once I got to Hammonton, which was 3 hours later, I stopped into McDonalds to get a Sweet Tea because I ran out of my 2 waters. It was about 85 degrees out, and it’s a good thing it wasn’t any hotter, otherwise I would have never made it. After I left Hammonton I saw a small turtle on the side of the road. I took a look at at and I found out that it was dead after I saw a crack in the bottom right half of the shell. I think a car ran over it. However, this seems unusual because the tread of the tire should have made 2 cracks in it if that was the case. It could be possible that another animal attacked it. Here’s a picture that shows it.

I also saw a European Starling on a telephone wire about 5 minutes later, but as soon as a turned my cell phone on and even before I turned around, it flew away. I also saw a Turkey Buzzard on a pole about 30 minutes later but I didn’t feel like taking a picture of that. I just feel uninterested in those kinds of birds. I have seen those birds even in my grandparents’ backyard. They are almost everywhere where they live. Well, overall, I had a good bike ride, but it got too dark and I had to have my mom pick me up once I got 3 miles from my house.

I would like to say, out of all the birds I heard, I never heard any House Sparrow chirps until I got to downtown Hammonton. Dang, it seems like I can never find any in rural areas. Actually, there was one at a farm just outside of Hammonton, but that’s only because it relies on the livestock feed to survive. Whether urban or rural , it only occurs to me that they simply nest in our man-made structures, and that provides the warmth they need, especially when the winters are brutal.

What’s the farthest bike ride you’ve ever gone? I can’t suppose anybody has traveled more than 70 miles like I had. Let me know.

The Answer to Finding House Sparrows’ Feeding Habits

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I decided on going on a bike ride today, but not just any typical bike ride. The idea of finding out what House Sparrows eat and why has got me interested in taking a journey in finding some close up.

I bike rode to Burlington yesterday at about 4:30 pm. Once I got there, I opened my backpack, and I started randomly dropping two flavors of girl scout cookies, chocolate fudge and lemon. I got these cookies in class the other day because a classmate that works for the distribution center had a whole box that he was just giving away. I certainly didn’t put these cookies to waste, since they were going to be put to thrown away anyways. I used the entire box of chocolate cookies and half of the lemon ones. After I threw a cookie or two at 6 or 7 different places at a ghetto neighborhood, I came back 20 minutes later to find that not a single cookie was bitten into. I couldn’t believe that. The answers to all of my problems just hit me in the face when I threw my last lemon cookie. I started throwing it, just like a frisbee, when it landed right behind a House Sparrow. He then turned around, pecked at it a few times without opening his beak, and then he flew away. I knew just then, that these House Sparrows know what foods are good and bad for them. It seems that they’ll only eat those kinds of foods if they are really desperate, or if they are treating themselves. Also, since its the summer season, most House Sparrows are only looking for insects to feed their young.

I continued to sit at that curb, feeling disappointed that I never got close to a House Sparrow. I thought there would be a House Sparrow that would eat right out of my hands. I was wrong. I sat at the curb for about 2 minutes until a police officer pulled over behind me. He first started by asking me this, “Have you been to this area before?” Then I said, “No”. Then the officer said, “Do you know where this is?” Then I lied and said, “No, I have no idea what this place is, I’ve never been here before.” The officer said, “This is Burlington City. Can I take a look at your ID way quick?” Then I pulled out my military ID out of my wallet and I handed it to him. Then the officer asked, “Where are you from exactly?” I said, “Springfield” Then he asked, “Do you mean Springfield Township?” And then I said, “Yes.”. Then the officer asked, “Have you ever been arrested before?” Then I said, “No! Not at all.” The officer then asked me to open my backpack. I was so worried. I opened it up, and then I opened the part where I had the cookies in it, then the officer asked, “What is this.” Then I said, “Just some snacks.” Then the officer said, “Did you know that you are in a bad neighborhood? There’s a lot of crime in this neighborhood. You probably shouldn’t be here.” I immediately left, but I snuck back after I knew the officer was gone, then I checked the 6 or 7 places that I dropped the cookies and guess what, they were still uneaten. That would have been so embarrassing if the officer knew I was throwing chocolate and lemon cookies to the House Sparrows! That will be the last time I’ll go to that neighborhood. I’ll try Phili next time.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkK59CKqYNk=480&h=390]

Bike Ride Disaster

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I decided to bike ride to school like I normally do when the weather is so nice like it is. I made sure my tires had enough air in them before I left. Once I made it to the college though, I made a sharp turn from Hartford Rd onto the road that leads to the school.  My front rim suddenly skidded the ground and I tipped over. Just like that, I was hurting and bleeding from my chin. I caught myself in the fall, but I still suffered a huge bump on my knee. My shoe fell off during the fall and I started limping to the college library, since I was only 300 feet away from it. Security managed to help me out once I arrived. I recieved a bandage for my chin, which surprisingly enough was the only place I was actually bleeding at. I knew I had class very shortly so I went on my way once I wasn’t so dizzy and hurting. I went outside to realize that my front tire was completely flat so I asked security to drive me to the other side of campus where my class was. I was only 3 minutes late to class. All that pain I was having for an hour sure knows how to speed up the time, huh!

This happened about 4 hours ago but I feel okay now. My leg is still hurting a little bit from that bump. Once I leave the library, which I am typing this blog, I’ll take the bus back home. I plan on patching up the hole in my tire, that way I can still bike ride on the nice days. It’s a waste of time waiting for the bus when I can just bike ride instead.

Phili’ travel on bike ride

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I decided on today being the day that I would bike ride to Folsom, PA. Once I arrived at the Benjamin-Franklin bridge to crossover to Philadelphia, I stopped in the middle of a split before the toll. I needed to wait for traffic to pass, since I was on the merger of a major interstate highway. I really needed to be careful because those cars were traveling pretty fast. I then crossed over. Luckily the sun was shining so everyone could see me riding on the little part of the road (which is the only place I could get room to bike on). Once I walked my bike on the sidewalk to the ride of the toll booths, I got to a sign that read, “Pedestrians and bicycles prohibited on roadway”. I kept staring at the sign for about a minute, and then I looked ahead and I saw another sign. I pedaled close to see what it read. There was a walkway on the bridge, however, the gate was closed and locked. I took a ride around the gate and I saw no other way across the bridge. After I almost gave up, I saw a tunnel that went to the other side of the bridge. A few people were coming back through the tunnel but I had no idea they were coming from the bridge. I did just that, and sure enough, once I got to the other side there were stairs along with a ramp for my bike. I walked my bike up the stairs and then I pedaled my way across the bridge. Once I got across, I was officially in Philadelphia. I was getting really thirst. I then saw a billboard for a smoothie at McDonalds. However, I had no idea where the closest McDonalds was. I then bike rode for about a block, then I turned left towards “Chinatown”. I wasn’t actually in Chinatown until another block, but I saw a 7-Eleven store and I walked right in to get myself something to drink. I looked around for a little bit and then I heard on the store intercom about slurpies. I then walked up to it and grabbed myself one. I grabbed a lid, and a cup, but once I put my drink up to the “blueberry” one, I read the print at the bottom that read “frozen carbonated drink”. I thought to myself, “AHHHHHH”! Once I read that I immediately put the cup and lid back (which had a drop of the slurpie on it), and with disappointment I walked away. Maybe I’ll tell you why I refrain from those kinds of drinks another time. I haven’t had a soda in like, 3 months now. I don’t even crave one at all, no matter how many ads I see or hear about them. Anyways, I bought two 1-liter water bottles instead. They were on a 2 for $1.98 sale, so it was definitely worth it. Water is better for me anyways. I still have a 1-liter bottle I haven’t even drank yet. I’m at the library right now, and I’m just about ready to bike ride home. Once this is over, I’ll have biked about 45 miles. That’s pretty impressive, huh? I never made it to Folsom but at least I managed to survive the 80+ degree heat I had today.