The Answer to Finding House Sparrows’ Feeding Habits

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I decided on going on a bike ride today, but not just any typical bike ride. The idea of finding out what House Sparrows eat and why has got me interested in taking a journey in finding some close up.

I bike rode to Burlington yesterday at about 4:30 pm. Once I got there, I opened my backpack, and I started randomly dropping two flavors of girl scout cookies, chocolate fudge and lemon. I got these cookies in class the other day because a classmate that works for the distribution center had a whole box that he was just giving away. I certainly didn’t put these cookies to waste, since they were going to be put to thrown away anyways. I used the entire box of chocolate cookies and half of the lemon ones. After I threw a cookie or two at 6 or 7 different places at a ghetto neighborhood, I came back 20 minutes later to find that not a single cookie was bitten into. I couldn’t believe that. The answers to all of my problems just hit me in the face when I threw my last lemon cookie. I started throwing it, just like a frisbee, when it landed right behind a House Sparrow. He then turned around, pecked at it a few times without opening his beak, and then he flew away. I knew just then, that these House Sparrows know what foods are good and bad for them. It seems that they’ll only eat those kinds of foods if they are really desperate, or if they are treating themselves. Also, since its the summer season, most House Sparrows are only looking for insects to feed their young.

I continued to sit at that curb, feeling disappointed that I never got close to a House Sparrow. I thought there would be a House Sparrow that would eat right out of my hands. I was wrong. I sat at the curb for about 2 minutes until a police officer pulled over behind me. He first started by asking me this, “Have you been to this area before?” Then I said, “No”. Then the officer said, “Do you know where this is?” Then I lied and said, “No, I have no idea what this place is, I’ve never been here before.” The officer said, “This is Burlington City. Can I take a look at your ID way quick?” Then I pulled out my military ID out of my wallet and I handed it to him. Then the officer asked, “Where are you from exactly?” I said, “Springfield” Then he asked, “Do you mean Springfield Township?” And then I said, “Yes.”. Then the officer asked, “Have you ever been arrested before?” Then I said, “No! Not at all.” The officer then asked me to open my backpack. I was so worried. I opened it up, and then I opened the part where I had the cookies in it, then the officer asked, “What is this.” Then I said, “Just some snacks.” Then the officer said, “Did you know that you are in a bad neighborhood? There’s a lot of crime in this neighborhood. You probably shouldn’t be here.” I immediately left, but I snuck back after I knew the officer was gone, then I checked the 6 or 7 places that I dropped the cookies and guess what, they were still uneaten. That would have been so embarrassing if the officer knew I was throwing chocolate and lemon cookies to the House Sparrows! That will be the last time I’ll go to that neighborhood. I’ll try Phili next time.


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