Freezer brakes – Insurance Doesn’t Cover it

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The worst thing in the kitchen just happened this morning at my mom’s cupcake shop. The freezer wasn’t working when we came in. Also, because the cupcakes were already defrosted, it must have broke shortly after we left the shop the night before. My mom had to throw away a lot of cupcakes. I’d say that she probably threw away at least 80 cupcakes. I couldn’t bear to even watch. I just stared at the wall the whole time.She called in a repairguy to fix it. He came in about 5 hours later, and apparently, it wasn’t the freezer itself that was broken but the output breaker that was broken, so my mom’s insurance didn’t cover it. That was $250 that my mom had to take out of her own pocket. As far as the cupcakes go, we could only put out so many cupcakes to sell today, since my mom still had to put icing and filling into them. My mom made all new cupcakes today, which she’ll sell tomorrow.

Hopefully I won’t have to wake up early with her for the next few days, because my siblings have off from school next week. I really want to stay home alone to edit my next YouTube video. I want to make a video series called “Beaks and Tweets”. They will contain videos of anything bird related. I will do an intro, where I’ll act and talk like a bird. My goal is to try to keep feeding the birds cupcakes for a whole month. If I do that, they might get used to me and they might even start eating right out of my hand. I doubt that’s ever going to happen but all I can do is try. Lately, I’ve been waking up at 4 am to go to my mom’s shop, then I don’t get home until 7 pm. The birds won’t be able to see me throwing the cupcakes, unless it were daytime. That makes it pointless to do. I highly doubt the birds will get used to me if they only see me giving them cupcakes a few times a week. What do you think? Do you think I can pull this off?

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