Trying Something New with Throwing the Cupcakes in Forest

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I’m sure everyone who has read the blog about my depression may realize that I have been throwing a few leftover cupcakes that we didn’t sell at the end of the day into the forest. Well, I started setting more and more of them on the ground. One day, my sister threw cupcakes into a small bag and she forgot to throw it in the trash at the restaurant. I found it right inside the trash can at the front porch. There were more than 20 cupcakes in there. Oh yeah, I said to myself that I really hit the jackpot big time! My depression was gone completely when I came back the next day. Guess what, there were still cupcakes there. It took 3 days for them to disappear. I have already been convinced that either a raccoon or a skunk ate them. Well, about 2 weeks ago, I started throwing them on the tree branches to see if any birds would eat them. I came back 15 minutes later, and I saw some sparrows eating the icing right off of the tree branches. They didn’t seem to eat the cake part, but that might be because they may have had trouble trying to peck at them to break them apart. About a week ago, I took it to the next level! Seriously! My mom made a new flavor called “Margarita” cupcakes and “YES” they do have alcohol in them. The first day my mom made them, she put more tequila than she thought she did. Still, even cough syrup still has more alcohol than our Margarita cupcakes had. She had about 6 cupcake leftovers at the end of the day. I threw them at the top of a tree, and guess what, the sparrows actually ate them! Can you believe that? The icing had the tequila in it. I hope those sparrows enjoyed them! Hahahahahaha! It’s too bad the Margarita cupcakes are no longer on the menu, because I really wanted to keep giving them those cupcakes. My mom didn’t like the idea of having tequila and lime cupcakes. She doesn’t even like Margarita drinks. The third day we sold them, the tequila was taken out of the recipe, and the fourth day is when we stopped selling them, because they just weren’t popular. We always had leftovers at the end of the day. Luckily, none of them ended up in the trash, because I snuck them out. They ate the icing very slowly, and it took them all day to eat everything. I did see a blue jay pick up but accidentally drop an entire piece of icing with its beak. The sparrows on the other hand ate them piece by piece, then they spent 5 seconds cleaning their beak, then they’d dive in for another. Some of them were pushing each other too. Needless to say, they were probably eating icing all day. It’s like they just keep eating…and eating…and EATING! I wonder what would happen to those birds if I did that for another month? Probably nothing. I’m sure they’ll manage in the wild with or without those cupcakes. I’m sure they’ll just get used to me and maybe they’ll start eating right out of my hand one of these days. I’m crazy about birds, so I just gotta get that to happen!

Here’s a video of myself presenting the cupcakes in my mom’s shop on the day before I took the cupcakes to feed the birds.

I had to hurry up with recording this video because my mom was picking me up to go to school. I had a math final plus a scene performance for “The Raisin in the Sun“, which is why I was dressed formally that day. You’ve gotta see this one because the angle was perfect. You might laugh when you see me throwing all those Margarita cupcakes on the tree branches.

I did make 12 videos of these sparrows eating the vanilla icing on the other cupcakes. I’ll need to edit those into 1 video because the quality isn’t too good. I plan to do that once I make an intro for the video. For now, I’d just like to say, I guess house sparrows aren’t the only birds that will eat table scraps. I guess most birds will eat anything and maybe we just don’t realize it. There aren’t any house sparrows in my area by the way because of the fact that I live in a forested area.

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