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Busy Times Deserve more Blogging

This is the first post I have posted in the past month. I feel that there is a lot lost in time, because there can be so much forgotten. I visited my dad two weekends before Thanksgiving, and when I came home, I left all my thoughts behind. I don’t want to talk about anything on that. For the three days we were there, we went to downtown Boston, did archery for the first time, and went to the U-Mass Lowell campus to see my dad’s classroom where he teaches. That’s the weekend in a nutshell. I’ll leave my bird story behind. That’s what I don’t want to mention. It’ll get stuck in my head if I did that. I did mention it very briefly on one of the Island Traveler’s blogs, so you’ll find it there. I couldn’t spend time with my dad on Thanksgiving with my siblings, because my siblings had off school that week. I still had school on Tuesday, which is the reason why only my siblings went. I stayed home with my mom, which I enjoyed because I wouldn’t have to deal with them causing me any aggravation, especially with my youngest brother. After that, it’s all been finals for me with school. I was either studying for school or I was helping my mom with her shop. Needless to say, it’s been at least a month since I even read any blogs.

What in the World is a Liebster Award Exactly?

A Liebster Award is something that bloggers award for the holiday season. It is a “gift” to anyone whom you think deserves it for the dedication they put for through their blogs. The mentioned blogger must have less than 200 followers, and I’m sure there is a minimum to the amount of blog posts they have as well.

The “Rules”:

Well, I sort of have to put this in, but here’s a quick checklist of how things are done to figure out how to award someone:

1) Thank the fellow blogger who awarded it to you.
2) Link back to the said blogger who shared the award.
3) Post the award on your blog.
4) Pick 5 other blogs you want to recognise.
5) Visit the 5 bloggers and let them know that they receive the award.

I really encourage that anyone who is mentioned in here to keep these rules handy. I’ll be checking too. I’m not going to break any rules either, just to keep us even. I’ll announce the winners.

The Awardees Are:

Merry Christmas, and I hope to always continue blogging for myself.

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