Early Snow on the Ground

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I was on my laptop checking messages a couple of days ago when all of a sudden, I saw the weather change from rain to snow. My brother ran right to the window to look at it. The snow was sticking right to the cold ground. We got about 2 inches by the time it stopped. I was thinking about bike riding to my mom’s restaurant but it was too cold and I knew that I would get soaking wet from the snow. I actually did bike ride 200 feet down the driveway but I turned around. Once I came inside, my sister was like “What are you doing?” Then I responded, “Well, I’m going to bike ride to the restaurant.” Then she said, “Jeremy, don’t be stupid.” My grandma did come by because my mom needed me for a birthday party that someone was having at the restaurant. I was bored there because I couldn’t use my laptop with all the party stuff on the table. I mostly just stood around. Once I got home, my brother asked me if he wanted to play in the snow with him. I said “Sure.” We played snowball fights for about an hour. He pretended to be a warrior and I was a wizard. I could disappear somewhere, which gave me 20 seconds to hide. He then pretended to be the king, who defeated me by throwing a single snowball to my chest.

Winter sure can be fun! I do miss it. The best part about it is the snowball fights and the forts. It can be a nuisance with all the mess we have to clean off the roads and the power outages. It doesn’t have to be all that bad though. We can always make the best of it somehow, especially if its a first snowfall.

Here’s a short video of it.

NARRATION: Hello, this is Jeremy Hirzel here. I’m currently right outside of my front yard right now. And as you can see, there’s actually snow on the ground, if you can believe that! Look at all that. All that snow on the ground. Let me just take you over here…and take a look. It’s not even Halloween yet, and it’s ALREADY snowing! That’s unusual. While I was driving, I mean, while I was riding with my grandma…to drop me off at the restaurant, I noticed some birds flying around in strange patterns. They were flying very close to the ground. I wish I had my cell phone turned on to record it, but I didn’t. Well, we were going very fast, so I wouldn’t have had the time to catch it unless I told my grandma to stop. Oh well. I’m trying to be careful when I’m walking. I wouldn’t want my siblings to see what I am doing. They are still asleep right now, which is good.

Is there anyone out there that got any more snow than I did? I know that north Jersey got a lot of snow, as well as New York and Connecticut.

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