Continuation of Depression

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I’m still here. I kind of got carried away on the second to last blog I made. However, there are still unsolved answers that I really need to know. Now, last night, I stached 4 cupcakes in a box and put them in my backpack. At around 12:30 am, when everyone was sound asleep, I snuck out, and I placed them in the edge of the forest in the backyard. I also took the trash, cut it with a knife, and I started taking stuff out of the bag and tossed the chicken fingers, rice, brocolli, and fries that nobody finished into the forest as well. Don’t worry, the trash isn’t stinky, it’s completely clean. It only had the leftover dinner and some of my brother’s lunch. I made sure I grabbed a new trash bag to put it in afterwards. I think I may be going too far with this, however, I still need to know what kinds of animals are taking this food. I told my grandma all about my depression, and when I told her about the cupcake thing that I am experimenting with, she told me that she had a raccoon one time and she she it grab a piece of food that she dropped on the porch. Usually they just take and run. They don’t stop to eat, because they do it in their living place. Raccoon carry rabies, so that’s one other reason why it’s not so great to randomly place food out for them. I did see some deer on my way home but I couldn’t suppose that they ate the cupcakes. Who knows, but I do know this, this feeding activity seems to only happen at night, because every morning, I see at least 2 of the 4 cupcakes gone. Sometimes, all 4 of them are gone, I guess it depends on how many of these animals take them. One interesting thing I would like to point out is this, 3 days ago I placed a cupcake on a tree branch, and it was still there this morning. I think it’s just going to rot away. I don’t think a deer is eating these cupcakes, otherwise it would have bitten into that one, since its head is higher than that branch. It may have been just be a pest animal that we don’t need. That’s my best guess. Once I know that, I’ll discontinue this.

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