Competition, at a Glance

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What is competition anyways? Basically, it’s when there are other stores trying to promote or sell the same product. That product may be directly or indirectly sold to a potential customer. If there is a profit gained, then there is a profit that is lost for someone else. In my mom’s case, she has a cupcake shop. It may be the only store that sells baked goods out of all the other stores on the mall strip, however, her shop is not the only dessert attraction on the strip. There is also an ice cream shop next door to hers. She and her are great friends though. It always brings me smiles on my face every time he walks in and shouts “Hey, cupcake lady!” My mom kind of hates it when he does that, only because he can never call her by her real name. My mom doesn’t go over to his shop saying “Hi, ice cream man”. No! That’s just plain stupid. My mom doesn’t think she’s out to steal his profits. It’s kind of a good thing that there are 2 dessert shops because then, everyone has a choice. They can either buy cupcakes, or buy ice cream. In a way, having variety is exceptionally important, otherwise, the whole entire mall strip will go under. There is also a deli and an italian restaurant, which helps. I mean, who’s going to go out for dessert if they can’t go out for lunch? Most likely, if the customers were eating at home, they wouldn’t go out for dessert unless they were on the road to go somewhere. There is also a spa on the left side, but the prices are high, especially for the elderly people in the nearby retirement community. Times are tough, and the economy is tough, so that’s going to play a role in business.

A couple of weeks ago, the guy who runs the deli recently decided that he’s going to sell cakes at his shop. Are you kidding me? Oh my gosh! He can’t sell baked goods. He’s a deli. He’s only allowed to sell meats, sandwitches, and perhaps side dishes. He’s going against his contract. I mean, it’s one thing to sell pre-made cookies, but it’s a different story if he’s selling cakes. He says that his wife makes them from home. She can’t do that. All products must be made and sold at a commercial environment. The health inspectors would shut them down if they found out. As far as the the plan went, his wife claims that he’s been planning on selling cakes even before my mom started her shop. My mom doesn’t believe that. She thinks this was all a set up. My mom was thinking of suing them but she believes that they won’t get very far. They aren’t even that good. My mom tried them. She doesn’t really care anymore, competition is brutal nowadays. The italian restarant is selling gelaties, which is going against the ice cream shop. That’s why they never buy from each other. Actually, the ice cream owner doesn’t mind coming to my mom’s shop for some cupcakes, only because she does do him favors sometimes by drawing in birthday parties to his shop. Sometimes, they might want cupcakes and ice cream, and they’ll go to his shop for the party. Since there is an HDTV at his shop, that makes it perfect for entertainment purposes.

Overall, competition is good, in a way. You can’t take from it, but yet you can benefit from it. What kinds of experiences have you had as far as competition goes? What’s the best? What’s the worst?

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