Caught with the Trash

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While I was sorting through the trash for….cupcakes, my youngest brother suddenly walked out of the door. I thought that he managed to get to the bus, but I guess I was wrong. This is the worst thing that has happened. He called my mom up, and then I had to argue with her once again. I’m sick of arguing with her. The birds will be OKAY. They will not die from these cupcakes. They will only eat certain flavors. If they continue to eat these cupcakes, and there’s nothing left one day, it will not affect their eating patterns. Birds always find what they need all the time. The point is, I don’t want all this waste in the earth. It’s all going to rot away in the landfills, and it takes a while for it to disappear I’m sure. I just want them to be friends with those birds and share my food with them, because I feel that they are such great animals. It is not the same experience when they eat seeds because we can’t eat seeds. Actually, the warblers only eat wax berries, but I’m sure we can’t eat those either. It just makes me happy to know that they can eat the same foods that we eat. I don’t care about the raccoons and skunks, because they do eat the cupcakes also. If I put too many cupcakes out, it’ll all disappear overnight. That is why I try to put a certain amount out each day and store the rest in the crawl space underneath the house. Unfortunately, my brother took the whole bag of cupcake crumbs with him, so I won’t be able to do anything now. I’m sure he threw them away somewhere else because he didn’t want me to feed the birds with them. Maybe it’s just for the best. Besides, we have nothing to do with these birds, and they have nothing to do with us. I am going to continue feeding the birds, and I don’t care if my mom threatens to throw my laptop in the trash. I don’t care about the internet anymore. I want to be with the birds. My life should be with those birds, and you know what, if I were a bird, my life would be SOOOO much better! It really would! I want to be one of those birds that aren’t afraid of people, and I can eat whenever I want to beg of them to feed me. What do you think of that? Well, that’s all just imaginary, that can’t possibly happen. Just forget it, I’m just a normal person, just like everyone else. I just like birds a lot, and that’s the bottom line.

Maybe I should just stick with getting educated so that I can get a great paying computer job. As long as I strive for that, I won’t have to be depressed.

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