Changes with the Cupcake Experiment

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For about 2 weeks now, I have been separating the cupcakes from the icing and placing the cake part on the ground, broken up into crumbs. Then I would spread the icing on a tree branch with a stick, and I would use the icing from 10 cupcakes and see how quick the birds would eat them. I would stick some of the cupcake crumbs onto the icing. In only 4 hours, the equivalent of an entire icing from one cupcake was GONE. That’s an improvement from a few weeks ago, where barely a tenth of a cupcake dissappeared. TheYellow-Rumped Warblers are to blame for that. They are eating more icing than any other bird. The Blue-Jays and Cardinals are eating them too, but they only eat a few bites, and then they leave for the day. Usually, they don’t eat them on the spot, especially the Blue-Jays. They are corvids, which are among the most intelligent animals on earth. Their brain-to-body mass is the same as that in apes and chimpanzees, and only slightly smaller than a humans’. They can mimic human speech too, just like parrots can. Well, the point is, they can do things to survive that other birds wouldn’t try to do. They have a variety of foods in their diets, so they choose things accordingly. They even eat meat too, yep, I’m sure you never knew that. However, they only eat raw meat, such as roadkill on the road. They also eat fruits and vegetables of course as well as grains. They just happened to need my icing for the time being, but they stuff their beaks with it, then they eat it when it is necessary for them.  I don’t know why the Yellow-Rumped Warblers are constantly eating the icing. Where does it all go? They just keep coming back to eat it every few minutes. Maybe it is because the Myrtle-Wax berries that they eat in the Winter tastes similar to that. Who knows, maybe they just know they need it because they are migrating birds and they need lots of energy since they travel 300 miles in the Winter. Well, regardless, the icing is disappearing faster than ever, so even if my mom disagrees with what I am doing because she thinks the insects will come crawling in the house, it’s disappearing fast enough that that can’t possibly happen. Plus the insects are still hibernating anyways.

Lastly, I feel that I can never do enough. I have been obsessed into feeding the birds nothing but cupcakes, and they have been eating nothing but cupcakes for the last three weeks. However, the icing that I spread onto the tree branches is usually gone before the end of the day because there are at least 15 Yellow-Rumped Warblers eating them at once. I can never put enough cupcakes out. It’s impossible. They just LOVE that icing. They just won’t stop eating it, and they keep coming back every few minutes. Please help me! I can’t figure out why they are eating so much. Where does it all go? They are constantly flying around. I can’t figure out why I haven’t seen these birds flying around until I started putting icing out. It’s like all the birds have been hiding, now they are there all the time eating my mom’s icing.

Here is a video of me explaining about the icing on the tree branch.

In addition to that, here is a video of the warblers actually eating them. There was one Northern Cardinal taking the icing and flying off in the video. I used slow-motion effects after I edited the video to watch it fly off. That was really fun to see!

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