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It’s about 3:12 am right now and since I have this topic still fresh in my mind I figured I’d let it all flow out. Today was the second day of our vinyl contruction. As it turned out, my mom had no idea that it would take until Monday for her to put the floor up. Tommarrow we plan on waking up early, no later than 9, to finish. All she has to do is cut a few corners and cut some halfway because some of the floor isn’t perfect with the walls. Some of the walls come in more than others. Also, there’s a floor drain in the way and there is a couple of sink drains that she has to work around. The sinks aren’t installed yet, actually nothing’s installed, the floor is still bare except for those drains. For the most part, I believe the project should be finished by noon tommarrow.

As for me, I’ve been just sitting down pretty much the whole time. I couldn’t possibly glue the vinyl down because I would make a mess and I would probably more than likely mess up. For the most part, I’m just responsible for handing the vinyl to her one-by-one. A little bit of help helps I suppose. I’ll be excited when my mom’s cupcake shop opens.  It’ll be open by August. Now, my mom could have had her contractor’s workers do this job but that would have costed her $7,000 to do. My mom is pro when it comes to installing vinyls. Why hire someone when she can just do it herself? Granted, she hasn’t installed floors for about 7 years, which is basically since we lived in Ohio. However, she still knows exactly how to do it and she quotes, “I can do this better than any man can do it, let me tell you.”

It’s a win-win situation, I mean, if the floor’s going to look really nice, then it’s definitely worth the effort. She has nothing better to do since my siblings are on vacation at my dad’s. I will just be glad when it’s over. I’m kind of losing sleep so I’m going to end it right now.

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