4th of July – Seaside

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Today, I went to Seaside Heights to see the fireworks. At around 5 pm, me, my siblings, and their friends all came along for the drive there. My mom was driving, and I was allowed to sit in the front. Usually my sister sits in the front but because her friend was with her, she decided to alongside her friend. My youngest brother wanted to hang out with his friend though, whom was going to Atlantic City. He was bummed that he couldn’t go, but it was because his family wouldn’t be returning until much later that night. Not only that, but they were also going to an adult party and there probably won’t be any kids there except for his friend. Well, anyways, my mom dropped his friend at his house because he had to go with his family. That worked out in the long run because there wouldn’t have been a seat for my sister’s friend to sit in otherwise. She would have been very uncomfortable for the 45 minute drive to the shore. Once we arrived, I asked my mom if I should put my bathing suit on. She responded, “No, it’s getting pretty late and I don’t think anyone’s going to go swimming”. Once we got to the beach, my youngest brother was with my mom and I, and everyone else went their separate ways with their friends. My brother actually started touching the water a little bit. Even though it felt freezing cold when he first touched it, it didn’t feel so cold afterward. After just a few minutes, he went further into the ocean. He came back out and asked me if I could join him. I said to him, “But I don’t even have my bathing suit on, and I am NOT going to go all the way back to the van and get it. I just can’t.” However, he really, really wanted me to join him, and so I walked all the way back to grab my bathing suit, which took a good 30 minutes, but when I got back, I found out that my brother was already done and he was drying off. I was like “Awww! You are already done? Man, I walked all that way for nothing.” Then I walked back to the van to put my bathing suit back. My mom and brother followed, because they had a few things that they needed to get. I pretty much ran there, because I was sick of wasting my time walking. I just sat down and waited for them. My other brother and his friend happened to be at the van too. I was there with them for about 10 minutes, then they went on their way and we went on the boardwalk to grab something to eat. My brother had a hamburger, while I had a cheezesteak. My mom had a cheezesteak too I think, but she didn’t eat until later on As soon as I was done eating, we walked around the boardwalk for a little while, and then the fireworks suddenly just started. We had no idea they would start early, we thought it was going to start at 9:30. Everyone was crowding the boardwalk and we could barely get through to see them. We were litterally on the edge and there was part of a roof that was blocking the fireworks. It was impossible to get any closer, I mean, everyone was packed together on that only stretch of boardwalk, and that was the only place that you could see the beach rather than the roofs of concession stands and games. About 5 minutes later, there was a fight going on behind us, and we didn’t want to be involved so we left the crowd. It was right before the fireworks finale went underway too so we missed it. We then walked for about a block and my mom stopped at a candy shop and bought a few caramel apples. Then went into an arcade to eat them but when my mom took a bite of it, the caramel tasted terrible. She went back to the shop to return them and she bought some fudge instead. My brother stayed and played a couple of rounds of arcade basketball, it was only $1 so why not? He was barely scoring, and I swear he was missing like, 75% of the shots. Even the guy that was playing before him was going better. He certainly didn’t beat the record either. About 10 seconds before my brother was done playing, my mom came back and we ate some of the fudge. After that, we went to the beach to find a small island that the waves made. We just felt the water, nobody went swimming. We met up with my sister and her friend behind us, and we were surprised they were able to find us. We then went to buy my youngest brother some ice cream and then we went home. That pretty much sums up my Fourth of July, Happy Fourth!

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