Star Trek (just came out)

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I really liked the new Star Trek movie. My dad and I watched it on DVD last night. It was definitely what I consider a great movie. Lots of space things we don’t understand, sometimes things that are hard to comprehend at the present. We see it all in future perspective. Let’s see…I was introduced to the character Spock, another character whom fell into a black hole and returned in the future, whom met himself later as a captain on his ship. Also there is the young character who graduated from school and just begins his career in this movie. Lastly he was shown being banned from coming onto the Enterprise, but decided it was his destiny to become captain on board.

I didn’t think I would like the movie good enough that I would decide to blog it on here. Granted I’ve never watched the Star Trek episodes but when it comes to the new Star Trek movie, Star Trek is REALLY good. This movie is definitely good for those who haven’t seen Star Trek before AND…it’s a MUST see!

Get the DVD now.

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