My Journey in NJ

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In late May I had to move to NJ thinking my mom was going to rent out an apartment. But let’s just say we have family issues right now and had to move back. I was at my grandparents at the time all this stupid youtube weird stuff happened. Am I just unlucky or does this always keep happening to me? Well I’m sick of it you know. I told all my youtube friends about the Dolfan1997 thing. Also I’m sick of Xazuross, one of my subscriptions, using his channel as beta, FOR THE SECOND TIME. I fell for beta the first time and I’m NOT falling for it again. He will, and nor will anyone else now, forever, or into the future, force me into Beta design. Beta is ugly and it’s stupid. I hope all the stupid people using beta die some horrible death. I mean a death involving lots of hate comments.


Okay I think I’m repeating myself on topics I’ve discussed already below\\\\\\\\. Overall I liked being at NJ but it’s good to join my friends here at home. I like it here and I’ll be going back to my old college here. I’m still majoring in Computer Science, nothings changed. I plan on pursueing a career in Microsoft someday and eventually move up making millions of dollars. Whenever I say “will”….it happens. I know I’ll progress and be successful. Well, one thing’s for sure, when you see me in real life, you’ll be needing my assistance to fix your programs, hahah. I can’t guarantee that but I don’t know how far I’m planning to go.

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