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Apparently my mom doens’t want me sharing my hometown or the place where I work on youtube. SO, here’s what she does, she just goes in and hacks my account and changes it to private, without her telling me. As a future Microsoft employee, this is not what I want. I don’t want people telling me what to do. I’m fucking 20 years old. I don’t want fucking people telling ME what to fucking do. My mom thinks it’s best for me. I’m one of the only people they think it’s not a game. Like youtube is real life and people can look up my information to get more about me. No, and I don’t care. Truly it would be better for me if I made some copyright infridged videos and put them onto youtube, which would get my stupid account suspended, then having my mom put the word “private” on my hometown and “private” on the place I work. It’s stupid. I won’t be coming back on youtube. I just can’t handle this. Youtube is stupid, then why do they offer the information? Huh, huh, why? They obviously don’t offer an address bar or anything like that. I didn’t put my name on youtube. So why on Earth does my mom have to put that in. Just leave it fucking blank then. Don’t put the stupid word “private” in there. I could have explained it to her but I felt like being a dumbass today.

I’m just really mad right now!

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