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I get an invitation from some girl named Abigail Clark. I rejected it of course, with it being some sort of internet relationship. Sorry, but I’m not doing that kind of thing. I don’t know what this person even is or what she looks like, but I don’t want her looking at my profile info on here. So last night I decided to set this whole web site as private. That means only me, KC, and anybody else in my network who is authorized to see my website can read my blogs and everything. The removal of the Website tab of my youtube profile is eminent.

Well in case you want to know, here’s her message:

“ Hola,! i don’t wanna annoy you, I just stumbled onto you in the search and you seemed cool I know I don’t have a lot of info on my profile here but u can see my other profile if you wanna know more, saymatch.com?id=2545&profile=SierraNublina (my name over there is saucee_chick). maybe we could chat sometime hope to check u soon, Abigail Clark ”

Accept this invitation and you’ll appear on each other’s online profiles and can chat using Windows Live Messenger.

Okay so I recieved that message on my gmail page. I tried emailing you suggesting that the chat thing is good enough, (if she wants to) but going into my network, nah ah. I don’t think so. But sadly, I can’t email you because her whole stupid account is private and I can’t even leave notes on her profile cause that’s private too.  Well if she’s going to be an ass then I’m going to be an ass. There! My whole Windows Live profile is private, and now NOBODY except me, and those I know well enough is going to see my spaces.

Now b/c of this girl, she ruined it for everyone else in the world, hey gee, thanks.

Everything on my page is private EXCEPT for my email and my notes. But everything else I checked My Network. Trust me, I’m not stupid, I know if someone is out there to stalk me or something. It aint gonna work. Never in a thousand years.

I have no idea how this girl found me on live search, but I’m not going to stand to that. I don’t want to visit match.com right now either. Nope!

I’m going to put a virus in her computer now

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