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I want to try not to say too much pointless stuff on this blog, but after all, I feel that I am affected by every little detail that goes on. I spent about 5 hours at the library yesterday getting my Calc III homework finished. I had problems doing the first 5 questions of the 3D graphs that I was supposed to match with their respective equations. I managed to get the help I needed in class. I was told that the each function correlates with a particular curve, and that it can be found in the book. I also struggled on the “x, y z” equations. I took notes in class and everything, but I guess I skipped the important stuff. The best thing I can do is to try not to struggle too much on the little stuff. I have the option of emailing my teacher if I continue to have problems. He used to be a math tutor so I’m sure he doesn’t mind explaining things in detail. I stayed after class to talk to him and I got all the help I needed, even though I swear that I’m missing something. Oh well. I can always contact him or just show up when he’s in his office.

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