The Adventures of Safety in the Restaurant

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I’m sure your parents have always told you to be careful when handling knives. Well, I wasn’t so careful when I was cleaning a mixing blade in the sink. There was a food particle stuck on the blade, and I started rubbing it with the rag, until suddenly, it ripped through the rag and stabbed into my finger. It felt like a vibrating senstation, not quite an “ouch”, but rather a tingling feeling. Then I was like, “Oh man, awww!” I noticed the blood seep onto the rag, and that’s when I had my grandma come over to hook me up with a bandage. My mom wasn’t at the shop during the time I got hurt because she had to take my brother to his friend’s place. My grandma told me that my mom had the same thing happen to her last week. In the future, she recommends that all the sharp objects are taken care of as soon as they are used, that way nothing gets dried up and stuck on the blade. If I have trouble cleaning it, I should simply just use a spoon to scrape it off. The new girl that she hired may end up cleaning that blade, and so far, she hasn’t gotton cut yet. So far, only my mom and I have cleaned it, so I’m really going to make sure that nobody else makes that same mistake.

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