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I am kind of putting a twist on sodas today, or should I say….soda lids! A while back, I would always look at soda bottles as I bike ride past them. I always thought, maybe birds like to drink this. What if that was true? On Monday, I decided to experiment with this soda lid twisting just to see if giving the birds access to it would end up with them drinking from it. I made this video for Darian03 but I will share it here as well. He expected the outcome as he claimed, that is, no birds will drink it. That’s obvious! I already knew of the truth between birds and carbonated beverages for about 4 months now. I didn’t let that fact stop me from checking that out.

The second day, I came back to the soda bottle, and the bottle was at the same spot, untouched.

I came back the third day and I found out that the lid had moved. However, the bottle was at the same exact place. I came up with the conclusion that a bird really did drink it. It must have picked up the lid with its beak, drank it, then set it down a few feet away. A few sips won’t harm them so it seemed clear to me to assume that to be true. After I recorded the video, I moved the lid back to its original place and I filled it up with some of the soda that was still in the bottle.

The fourth day, I came back, and I found out that the lid was completely full of soda, just as it was before. I now knew that a dog probably grabbed the lid, or some other animal. I have concluded that a wild bird won’t drink soda. They know that water is the only drink they ever need.

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