My youtube X-Beta project

Posted on September 30, 2009 by jhirzel88

Hi again, it seems I’m always getting into things. This time it’s gettin’ personal. Oh yeah. Youtube’s in for it now. Check this video out:

There’s a video on that link that talks all about the enforcing of the new beta channels, which I’ve used before. It sucks. It looks ugly in comparison to the original and it degrades the opportunity to post comments if the user is just scrolling through videos. The only way to even comment on the video is to click on the link at the bottom. This takes massive amounts of time to go back and reopen the beta page when going back. It isn’t even compatible with handhelds and cell phones that have internet access. And it had an error message one time I clicked on Uploads. It’s way too buggy and regardless of the fixes, it takes away from the youtube experience. Right now, I want everyone right NOW to rate the video one star and FLAG it. Flag it for nudity and send beta in the dust. This…is…ridiculous. We should not have to listen to youtube. Youtube is NOT the boss of us. We can do what we want, when we wanna. We can do anything but have youtube dictate us. I thought there was a “you” in youtube. I guess not! Tssk let’s talk about this together. We want the option, once we get it we’ll be satisfied. It’s stupid. The CEO just cares about money just like the rest. Don’t you think thousands of people that will potentially permanentally log out is worth the risk? Youtube’s taking the risk here. I don’t like it and it’s going to end now. If it happens, it’s goodbye to youtube, along with all the blank videos I’m making to protest. If they decide to make it optional, I’ll stay and make more videos.

—–picture of a blank 10 min video

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