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When does surfing the internet becoming fun. Sometimes if you meet up with the wrong people, it can’t. However a specific girl, I’m not mentioning her to protect names,  but anyways, this girl was just an ordinary girl. Until…it happened. I saw a comment on a 12-year old kid’s page and after commenting back on her’s, because it looked interesting, I recieved a comment on my channel. Just two simple words. Again, I’m not mentioning the comment for her sake. I liked that comment and I explained what my comment blogs were about. She deleted the comments. After that all was pretty silent. She talked about a tv show she liked to watch in her About ME tab. She changed topics a few times and starting pasting ramdom facts telling people it will make that person fall in love, or something like that. That wasn’t all bad though, but she was a comment spammer I think with her 1, 2, 3,4 step stuff. What, it never even changed the background. I haven’t copyed and pasted that stuff but I know it’s all crap. It just stupid spam that’s all I can say. Well, okay, so far so good, right? Wrong!


2 weeks later:

I went in to check to see if anyone new commented on my channel, when I used Firefox (which isn’t on Protected Mode), rather than Internet Explorer, to view my profile, I saw….

I’m not allowed to say, but it was

very GrApHiC (if ya know what I mean). Let’s just say she got a lot of channel views because of this pic. Eventually it made it’s way to Internet Exployer and I was told about this from my grandma who saw her explicit picture and my mom came in my room and immediately removed the comment and blocked her. I didn’t report her or anything like that about a but a month later on I did tell my friend KC on youtube about it. Even though he could have reported her, he didn’t want to because he felt that she didn’t know what she was doing. She must have realized it sooner or later and started her own adult-oriented youtube site.

1 1/2 months later:

I typed in her youtube site, www.youtube.com/chick59344 and suddenly a ghostly white page appeared, This account is closed. That’s what I saw when I saw the empty pic, removed for the second time. A few days from this her explicit background was removed too. I never would have known, but you’ve got to know…it’s hard being a teenager, I know, people have their problems. But we need to just take it in, some other way helps too. We don’t have to force ourselves into relationships, it JUST DOesn’t work. I felt terrible for the stress this girl had and I think she’s a winner. She isn’t strange, I don’t think so at all. Also, anyone who realizes that throwing a pillow at someone doesn’t work, ummm, I think they’re right!

That solves the case.

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