How Grateful Am I?

That must be one hell of a question! Within our entire human civilization, we’ve always been judged by one thing, how grateful we’ve been in our lives! When you realize that you have more possessions than others around you, that should be consider you “grateful”. But then there’s the middle-of-the-road people who feel like they aren’t grateful enough! For instance, I work for Amazon, which is the biggest company in the world when it comes to the amount of merchandise that they deliver to consumers. As soon as I clock in, I walk to my assigned station, and I start preparing customers’ orders. When I clock out for the day, I say “whew, I made it” after scanning thousands of items! I work hard, but I am not yet grateful for the things I don’t have, such as a bigger house, a nice sports car, or more entertainment. I look forward to what’s coming in my future, but I haven’t fulfilled my true purpose of buying the things that I plan on having. That is the only reason why I am not grateful enough. However, I am grateful that I use YouTube because it does keeps me preoccupied whenever I am not working. I am known as JeremyThePlayer88, whom has over 12,000 subscribers dedicated to me! Every day, I search for hawk videos and I add them to playlists so that I can shoutout their YouTube channels. I had the chance of speaking over the phone to someone who feeds a wild Red Tailed Hawk right on her porch deck, but I blew my chance of ever being grateful enough of what she does. Its a long story! Its not worth getting into. I do plan on becoming a Falconer so that I can feed a wild Red Tailed Hawk for myself, but I need to forget about that and focus on the more important things. Falconry is a very time-consuming sport that someone who works at least 55 hours a week during the Winter months cannot possibly do. As long as I am making money though, I am grateful no matter what. Even the Coronavirus pandemic hasn’t stopped Amazon. They made efforts to provide thousands of essential household goods to millions of consumers in this desperate time of need.

If you ever want to work for Amazon, their job link is always open. You can find it at Once you start the application process, you can provide me, Jeremy Hirzel, as your referral candidate. The best part about working there is after a year of working at Amazon, you’ll be eligible for Career Choice, which pays up to 95% of your tuition to further your education within any field that you wish to pursue! And of course, you’ll gain warehouse experience to progress up the ladder to bigger and better positions. My manager has told me to own my success, and I hope the same can happen to you as well. Nothing is holding you back, so get going and remember that you have the power to realize your own expectations.