Long Time Without Blogging With Lots on My Mind

With it being years since my last blog entry, I figured now would be the perfect time to post something. There’s been a lot on my mind, mostly in relation to the online money-making activities I’m doing. However, I will talk about that another time. I have also been searching for a new job, since I just got my Bachelors’ Degree on Aug 12th. So far, I’ve applied for 3 jobs, but no contact had been made just yet. Every night, right before I go to bed, I’ve been searching for hawk videos on YouTube. That’s right! I search for “hawks”, or anything else hawk related, whether its “Red Tailed hawks”, “Cooper’s hawks”, “Red Shouldered hawks”, “falconry” or “birds of prey”. I do this every night without fail. Lately, though, I have been so preoccupied with my online business that I usually don’t go to bed until 3 am sometimes. That would explain why I post comments so late at night. There have been a few times where I’d save the links on notepad and watch them a different night. However, sometimes users do delete their videos shortly after uploading them. This is a big problem because sometimes even videos with valuable content even get deleted. For instance, there was one video of a hawk eating either a frog or rat, and it scooped it all in one bite. The video was deleted a couple days later. I made a comment on the video stating “0:29 was the best part! It scooped that thing into its beak like it was nothing. I think it was either a frog or a rat. By the way, they don’t eat anything old or rotten. They only eat what they catch. However, it does happen that they find dead animals on the ground, but that’s rare.” The owner then replied “thank you for the insight sir. It’s was so cool to be so close. I’ve always had an odd fascination with giant predatory birds.” After seeing that reply, I have no idea why he deleted it, but it really bothers me. If I had waited to watch that video, I would be all out of luck! That was one of the best videos I’ve ever seen! Why in hell’s blazes would that user delete it? Seriously! Maybe the owner thought it would be offensive to show hawks consuming prey like that, or maybe other viewers would be creeped out or something. That’s my only guess. Well, the only thing I can hope for is to one day find another video as cool as that one. My hawk searches will never end, in fact, it is just beginning!

Another thing I’ve recently been thinking about for a few months is going into falconry. So far, no-one in my family knows, and they NEVER will! They will only find out when they see a Red Tailed hawk on my shoulders, and yes, I have already decided it will be a Red Tailed hawk! However, that is a sheer fantasy, because I am way to busy to care for one at the moment with my Sears job and my online business. Not only that, but my grandparents’ have 2 dogs and 4 cats (I think) running around the house, and its way too chaotic to have a wild bird flying around. I got no patience, because every minute is consumed by something. I haven’t even had time to go hiking lately, that gives you an idea how busy I’ve been. Usually I go hiking at least a couple times each month, but I have gone anywhere since June.

YouTube is one other thing I wanted to get off my mind. I haven’t done a lot on YouTube, only because I find it pointless to upload videos because I am probably the only person that watches them. Yet, even though I got 12,000 subscribers, I’m pretty much treated like dirt! So, THANKS FOR NOTHING! Seriously though, those subscribers were mostly gained through sub4sub websites. Its just like doing sub4sub on YouTube, although you don’t have to repeatedly go to YouTube channels asked, “I subbed, can you sub back”. I typically only made such comments on users that actually mentioned that they are a sub4sub channel on their channel page. Obviously I am not a spammer, nor do I EVER want to be considered one. I hate spammers as much as anyone else. I stopped using sub4sub websites because A: My subs get deleted by YouTube because they obviously aren’t watching my videos, and B: I don’t get paid for any of this stuff, and its just a hobby for me anyways. However, one of the reasons why I wanted to use sub4sub websites, because a lot of other people were doing it and were successful to promoting their videos. However, these people probably spend hours or even days making their videos. I spend only a few minutes to add a title and credits on my videos, which is only a few slides of text. Also, I do admit, I’m no content creator, I just post videos that look appealing.

Once again, it has been years since my last blog entry where I talked about a conure I got to chance to meet at Sears. So, here we are, I finally got most of my issues off my mind. However, my money might be in danger, and its going to be a long one! It’ll be on my next post for sure.

I do want to give big shoutout goes to Nora. Check out her blog at http://islandrambles.blogspot.ca/. She’s got lots of hawk-related stuff on there. She’s also the one person who encouraged me to make this blog post. I might as well continue to use this wordpress site, since I AM paying for it.
I upgraded to a Premium account, which came with my very own domain name! So instead of jeremytheplayer88.wordpress.com, you can type in jeremytheplayer.com and you’ll get the same homepage. It’ll also appear like that on search engines as well. I’m currently in the process of monetizing this blog, but I’ve had no success because apparently these advertising companies say I don’t have enough views on my blog. I could use traffic exchange websites to boost my views, but that would totally violate the TOS of these advertising sites. So, now I’m back to square one again. Maybe I’ll just not monetize my blog, because its not really worth the effort.

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