This is Burlington County College’s radio station Z889, with plays dance music along with remixed top-40 artists. With the exception of this station, I only wish to add radio stations that are beyond the “fringe” mark, as as specified on radio-locator. I do discriminate in a way if I am within a close enough proximity. However, because this is a directional radio station, it makes me wonder why it (supposedly) covers Burlington County. It really covers all of south Jersey, since it is a 10,000 watt station, with their tilt towards Camden. On the contrary, I can barely pick up the station on my wireless headphones. I truly need a better radio I guess. The signal isn’t any stronger in Camden as it is where I live in Burlington. It is surely not a very big tower, and in fact, I have bike rode and caught a glimpse of it while I was riding through Chatsworth.

Now, when troposheric propogation occurs, I am able to pick it up on my wireless headphones, but it doesn’t come in clear enough to get it in downtown Burlington. Nor do I believe that it can be recieved any further than 30 miles. There is a 95.1 translator only 3 miles away on the Burlington-Bristol Bridge, but it has been off the air for about a month now.

I’ll update things as they go along but here’s the download link to some recordings, (which you’ll need either WinRAR or WinZip to unzip). I used their 95.1 station to record, and the static that is in my recordings does not have anything to do with my radio, in actuality, they are simply rebroadcasting 88.9 with their antenna on the bridge. So even when I go closer to the bridge, the static still remains. However, a signal is better than no signal at all. Right?

Z889 recordings

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