I decided to place B985 into my list of radio recordings, because it had experienced a series of changes as far as to the sound quality goes. It had a lot of bass in certain places of songs, but then the radio station increased and decreased their volume until it sounded similar to what competing radio stations sounded. That provided a more professional sound that didn’t sound like local high school or college stations, not to say that’s a bad thing, but it is just something worth noting. On October 30th, the day after the hurricane, the radio station went silent, and didn’t go back on until the next morning. Once it went back on, the volume was increadibly low and I had to turn my Grundic radio volume up to full blast just to hear it at the normal volume that I typically set it at. The volume would change from song to song, and even in different areas of the song as well. The DJ’s would talk at the loudest volume, but it still wasn’t as loud as it was before the hurricane. It sounded the same as if putting a CD on. It sounded that good! Take a listen yourself. I’ve got a 15-hour recording on the night of the 31th. The radio station fixed the volume equalization in the afternoon of the following day, and you’ll hear that happen in the recording as well. It’s a shame they didn’t keep it like that, but I’m sure there’s a reason. I think it might have to do with song tagging on some car radios, and the computers have to have the songs set up that way for that purpose. If anybody knows the real answer, let me know.
Here’s the link, and I’m sorry for the buzzing feedback. I used Linux Mint to record B985, and the recording settings wouldn’t go lower than what I had, so I had to turn the stereo down to around 7, and that’s on a scale of 30. The volume of the radio station was the same to that of other radio stations, so that wasn’t the problem. It was just my audio card that had problems, and it had a 400% audio boost, which increased the buzzing noice. Well I hope you enjoy it anyways.

B985 recordings

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